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Daicya & Mike
Thursday, September 27, 2012
By Jen
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Mike and Daicya are the owners of Benchmark Beef (a large local beef producer).  One continuing concept that was represented over and over as I got to know Mike and Daicya is how much they care for their cattle and their land.  I don't know how much more 'Albertan' that one couple can get.  Just like I love and live photography, Mike and Daicya expertly care for, love and live their ranch and every living creature on it.  See their website.  If you are wanting to purchase their beef, look for the green, circle sticker with a 'B' on the package.  I know there's some local restaurants who serve Benchmark beef as well.  One of my favorite local restaurants, Mocha Cabana, serves Benchmark beef, and that is how they met! 

It was no surprise to me that they wanted to get married on a bluff on their land by the Milk River Ridge.  Just check out the second image of some guests walking to the ceremony site.  Incredible!!  One of my favorite images is of their first kiss just after the ceremony.  What do I like about it?- hands are so expressive - check out her hand crunching his sleeve.  It says it all!  We had a great time with their energetic bridal party, then it was photographers+Mike & Daicya on their land.  There's so many amazing scenics that we were able to capture.  Their images are reminiscent of our pioneer forebears who emigrated and settled the continent.  Mike and Daicya are like modern-day pioneers.

We loved capturing this wedding and this couple is as down-to-Earth as people can get.  We loved how they loved eachother and loved their lives caring for the ranch.  Their wedding reflected exactly who they are.  I'll bet you can't guess what they served their 400 very lucky dinner guests?  :-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
By Jen
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I was quite inspired by this story.  LEGO, as we all know is a childhood staple toy.  I, as you know, relocated to a new city and had to rebuild my business - which has been a huge education for me.  I identify with the amount of times the LEGO company had to rebuild where it could have easily quit.  There are many lessons in this for multiple aspects of life.  It also shows how fluid the creative process is and bringing a spark of an idea, through hard work, into reality.  Bottom line:  They did not give up!  Enjoy this enchanting little story of a very familiar worldwide brand. It is a great story to share with your children!

Jen and Brandon
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
By Jen
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Jen and Brandon's engagement session was!  They were up for anything!  They were personable, easy to get laughing - just great!  (You will be able to get a sense of who they are from their photos!)

We went out to rural Alberta around sunset.  We had that beautiful golden light with a few fun locations.  At one point I was hoisted on top of a big round bail of hay to get the perspective I wanted.  (Hey {err... hay - ha ha ha!}, it's a good thing those things were there!)  

Permit me to have a nerd moment.  We've been having fun with creating that juicy-I-wanna-squeeze-ya-esq kind of light, experimenting with different modifiers.  I'm pretty sure only photographers would have understood that last sentence.  We love off-camera lighting, but there is a definite art to doing it.  It needs to be velvet and rounded, but not overkill.  You didn't know light could be velvet and round, did ya...  :-)

I'm so excited for their wedding coming up in a few months.

Here's a link to their video slideshow

Chantal & Phil
Monday, September 24, 2012
By Jen
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After I Judo-kicked my jetlag from being in Spain, I was on the road again.  This time it was my ultimate privilege to capture the country wedding of Chantal & Phil.  They have a sweet little daughter who was also able to witness the marriage of her parents from the loving arms of her grandparents.  I've been able to watch Chantal flower into the beautiful woman that she is and to see the strong relationship she and Phil have.  Phil, in his own right is such a wonderful man and knows the value of the girls in his life.  (She is the daughter of my financial advisor - so if you are in the market for someone who really knows his stuff - let me know, I can hook you up.)

Chantal and Phil are a wing of the moving parts of this very close family.  It was so fun to see four generations of support and love throughout the wedding day activities.  I especially love the interwoven story of their baby girl.  Chantal, in her wedding dress, getting her sweet Charolette ready for the ceremony that will officially join their family was particularly moving for me.

Here is a sneak peek of a few of their images.  Enjoy!

She has been found!
Wednesday, September 19, 2012
By Jen
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Excuse me, *cough, cough* - I'm just blowing the dust off of my blog.  *cough, cough*

I have so much to tell everyone!  I've been busy!!  Now that it is the end of summer, that means that it is also album designing time.  I'm going to start with what has been going on!  I have missed writing on my blog!!  I love writing.  :-)

I'm going to first wind back the clock and take everyone to the day that Lindsay and Darrell got married in Waterton.  I think that I have mentioned once or twice how great waterton is....right?  I love it there!  Lindsay is from England so her side of the family traveled a long ways to come.  Darrell's side traveled too.  Lindsay was a superstar climbing in crazy places in a wedding dress and even saw her first bear!  I thoroughly enjoyed this couple!

For the photographers out there...what a gorgeous couple and check out that quality of light!  K - I'm a nerd.